What We’re Like

At Ascent Christian Church, our mission is simply “Becoming more like Jesus . . . Together.”

Ascent was started about 12 years ago by a small group of friends, and along with OCEF (Oregon Christian Evangelistic Fellowship) who shared a dream of building a church in Prineville. This dream has not changed over time.

From the beginning, Ascent has always been independent and has no denominational connection, though we share a common heritage with similar churches around the country. We are totally committed to the way we do church, but know that we are a part of the global Christian community.

We are super committed to being a part of our community. That means, we are comfortable with diversity. We believe that people from all walks of life can share faith and friendship with each other. We believe our church family is called to be a place where people with a lot and people with very little can share life together.

We work hard to develop servant leaders who are not heavy-handed or overbearing in their oversight, but carefully look after the people and resources that God brings us.

It’s pretty obvious that most people aren’t interested in church or stopped attending years ago because it was boring, irrelevant, or too painful because of poor relationships. We’re working on the boring part! We try to make our meeting times practical and helpful. And we work really hard to develop genuine and lasting friendships.

We live in a complicated world, but that doesn’t mean that church has to be. Schedules are demanding…time is limited…family resources are stretched to the limit…so we don’t want to contribute to the mess. And we think it’s pretty important to have fun doing it—that’s just who we are!

Our Sunday morning gathering is pretty informal and relaxed—we worship in a high school… We try to make things simple and understandable. It doesn’t last very long: around an hour and a half—some of us like to hangout eats doughnuts, drink coffee, and talk. We sing a lot and we’ve been told that our sound isn’t real “churchy.” We like guitars, and amplifiers, and drums, and the passion, and the creativity of modern music and hymns with a twist. We laugh and cry, and pray and study, and share our money and possessions. We try our best to do what God says.

We would like to think that we are just a bunch of regular people who are willing to admit that we need help–help to know God, help in our marriages and family life, help to overcome our fears and failures, help to live above the difficulties of life and the disappointments that we face every day.

In case you’re wondering, church is not a place where perfect people go. None of us is perfect. In fact, we are all on a journey together of discovering what a relationship with Jesus is all about and trying to become more like Him—we know church can be messy.

Our prayer is that you’ll see Jesus in us—in the way we serve each other, in the way we worship together, and in the way we welcome our guests. And we pray that as you see Jesus living through us, you’ll be blessed and motivated to become a part of what God is doing here.

Worship With Us on Sundays at 10 a.m.: 185 NE 4th street, Prineville, OR 97754
Church Mailing Address: 185 NE 4th street, Prineville, OR 97754
Email: info@ascentcc.com

Phone: 541-362-1025

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