Stuff We Do

Stuff We Do

Just like a lot of church families, we do stuff. We have children’s program on Sunday mornings and we have life groups, neighborhood outreach, and Bible studies. We like movies… hiking Smith Rock… supporting our high school sports teams… food… service projects… and rodeos.

We’d love to tell you more about it. Send an email to get more information:

Loving our neighbors.

Loving our neighbors is the fingerprint of Ascent. We figure we’re a better church family when we are serving others and love our neighbors! So that’s what we try to do, as much as possible.

Serving others is how we connect with our city and community. Loving our neighbors is how we respond to following in Jesus’ footsteps.

From painting a house for a neighbor with no resources, to feeding teachers and administrative staff at our local schools, serving water to bikers and homeless people in the summer months, borrowing or loaning yard tools from our neighbors, partnering with Habitat For Humanity, serving alongside with other local churches, we are constantly looking for ways to connect people with needs.

We are humbled to be able to used by God to help bring about restoration and healing to our community, city, and neighborhoods. It has been our privilege to loving our neighbors. Whether its collecting canned goods, helping in the Food Bank, mentoring in the public schools or providing Christmas for a family in need, we are constantly making opportunities available for our church family to serve in simple, creative and life-changing ways.


Life Groups.

We encourage active participation within the body. This develops an interdependent relationship reminiscent of a family.

This active participation comes in many different forms, whether it’s gathering together for Sunday morning worship, serving in one of our ministries, bible studies, or even just lunch among friends after church. Life Groups are central to becoming tied into our community—it is the foundation of who and what Ascent is.

How Life Groups Work…

Ascent facilitates these relationships through a wide range of Life Groups. We hope you join a Life Group; connect with others, grow in relationship with Christ, and experience community… come BE the church with us.

Life Groups happen in various locations, and times throughout the week. Please send us an email at for more information.


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